The 5 best running shoes

best running shoes

Before deciding on one model or another, you should pause to think about the price you are willing to pay, the type of terrain on which you will train, because if you intend to run in the countryside or in the mountains, we recommend one of the best trail running shoes.

How to choose the best running shoes

Padding and insoles

correct cushioning while running is one of the most important factors. This property depends on the sole and its materials, some shoes have small air chambers or in their place GEL material that allows proper cushioning.

Another important aspect is the insoles, they are usually very well conditioned for the feet, which affect the posture of the back and prevent the weight from falling on the heels while running.

In addition, it is imperative that running shoes are made of lightweight, flexible materials that will exponentially favor comfort and fluidity while running.


Without a doubt, price is one of the vital factors, not just for running shoes but for all types of products. Thanks to the great variety of brands existing on the market we can distinguish 3 main price ranges:

  • High range: high-end running shoes are designed and produced with advanced technological processes and are usually intended for professional and elite sportsmen. It is evident that they are made with the best materials, guaranteeing lightness and flexibility.
  • Mid-range: Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Asics also produce mid-range models, which are usually very versatile and we could even use them for clothing. They are more than enough to go for a run and be able to compete. There is no need to buy high-end running shoes to get fit.
  • Low end: usually they are shoes without a recognized brand, however there is the risk of running into a poor quality product that wears easily and often leads to the almost immediate purchase of another pair of running shoes. You should pay close attention to the quality of the padding and the type of insoles they have, as they are the fundamental parts that make up a shoe.

What are the best running shoes of 2022

In this list you will find the 5 best running shoes of 2022. This selection is based on the knowledge of our sports footwear experts and on the evaluations of users who have already purchased some. In this ranking you will find excellent running shoes to train in comfort.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a running shoe for daily training, equally valid for marathons or races, thanks to its model, which has a lightness of 280 gr in the men’s version and 235 gr in the female one, directly proportional to the padding it uses.

The cushioning is aimed at runners who have a neutral fit: it is based on a midsole made of a light and reactive material such as React Foam and, finally, an air chamber is inserted, underneath the metatarsi, which gives this model a better boost. It is a new Zoom Air capsule, with a higher volume and pressurized at 20 PSI (Pa) in the case of men’s shoes and 15 PSI in the case of women’s shoes. The thickness of the midsole is 24 mm in the heel and 14 mm in the forefoot, for a drop of 10 mm.

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Brooks Glycerin 18

Brooks Glycerin 18

Brooks Glycerin 18 is a daily training shoe for those with a neutral fit or for those who use a custom insole. It was designed primarily for those who want maximum cushioning and a very soft fit. Having a continuous finish, one of the new features of this Glycerin 18 is the use of a double jacquard knit which, thanks to greater elasticity, offers a better fit.

This shoe can be used by all types of runners because, thanks to the DNA LOFT material of the midsole, it is able to cushion in a light run and instead be firmer and more responsive at fast rhythms. These shoes weigh 300 g in the men’s version and 268 g in the women’s version. For both models the drop is 10 mm.

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ASICS Gel-Cumulus 22

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 22.jpeg

ASICS Gel Cumulus 22 is a shoe designed for daily training. It fits all weights, but is designed for medium weights. For those who have a heavier weight, the ASICS Gel Nimbus model could be a viable option.

The Cumulus 22 can be used for all types of training, but will show its maximum potential over long distances. It can also be used in competitions, however if the pace exceeds 4’20 ″ 4’10, it is advisable to wear shoes with a more agile profile.

The weight for the men’s finish is 264 g, while for the women’s one it is 215 g. The drop in both cases is 10 mm.

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Mizuno Wave Ultima 11

Mizuno Wave Ultima 11

Mizuno Wave Ultima 11 is considered the top of the Japanese Mizuno range for daily training. the result is a neutral shoe with great shock absorption, stability and comfort, designed specifically for medium-high weight runners (about 80 kg for men and 65 kg for women).

The midsole is made up of materials such as U4ic and U4icX, which guarantee lightweight yet effective cushioning. These two materials are complemented by a Pébax plate that improves both cushioning and stability. The drop of this model is 12 mm, thanks to a midsole height of 32 and 20 mm. The sole is also reinforced with carbon to increase the resistance of the product. Its weight is 320 gr in the male model and 265 gr in the female one.

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New Balance M860 d10

New Balance M860 d10

New Balance 860 d10 is a shoe with support (thanks to the Dual Density material and its strategic position) suitable for all types of training. This is a multipurpose shoe, very useful because those that usually control pronation are sometimes only focused on big runs or big people. This model 860 d10 is suitable for different workouts thanks to an agile design and a robust midsole manufactured with the TruFuse compound. Features a 10 mm drop.

The sole has two different rubbers: NDurance and blown rubber, one very hard and resistant placed in the areas of maximum exposure, and the other softer, located in the metatarsal area, which guarantees a great grip that facilitates traction. In the upper part, New Balance has created a seamless canvas too perforated in the toe area, but very hard in the arch of the foot, to give a stable structure, especially in the inner area.

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