The 5 best mountain bike shoes

best mountain bike shoes

Mountain biking is a very popular type of bike that is used both in everyday life and for sports. The main differences compared to other types of bikes concern the suspension, the tires and the frame , which is thicker and more solid. These features make it possible to use MTBs even off-road, both uphill and downhill on steep roads.

Of all the elements needed to use a mountain bike on this page we talk about shoes .

How to choose the best mountain bike shoes

MTB shoes have a thicker and more rigid structure than cycling shoes, the sole is more flexible and softer, this is because in MTB it often happens that you have to get out of the saddle or place one foot on the ground and therefore the sole must make the shoes comfortable even when running or walking .

An effective and reliable closure system is very important on MTB shoes as sudden movements and impacts can risk making the shoe slip off if it is not well secured to the foot. Here are the main closure systems used on MTB shoes:

  • Strings: strings are the classic closure system, the main disadvantage of which is that it takes two hands to fasten them and that this procedure takes more time than other closure systems;
  • Velcro: this is a very convenient and fast method of closing. Velcro shoes can be closed with one hand, but the velcro tightness is not the most reliable;
  • Micrometric closure : this type of closure is often used on motorcycle helmets. The strap has notches that are blocked by a special mechanism on the shoe. This closing system is extremely precise and reliable, moreover it can be opened and closed very quickly, even with one hand;
  • BOA closure: this type of closure uses laces to tighten the shoe, however these are not fastened by the biker, but tightened by turning a wheel. This system is the best around for MTB shoes , as it is very precise, reliable and easy to use even while pedaling.

The attacks

MTB shoes can be divided mainly into two categories: shoes with binding and shoes without binding . Those of the first type are usually called quick release or release shoes, while the second ones are called free pedals. Each of the two types of shoe has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • MTB shoes with free pedals : with free pedal shoes the foot is not bound in any way to the pedal . This type of shoe is used on bikes that have pedals that have several hooks on both sides to help keep the foot in place.
  • Quick release MTB shoes : the quick release MTB shoes are equipped with a system that allows you to quickly and easily attach and release them from the pedals which are equipped with a compatible attachment system. The coupling system on the shoe consists of two parallel slots that contain the threaded holes to which the pedals are attached. The most used type of coupling is the SPD , an acronym that stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics , but all the shoes on the market are compatible. with any type of coupling.

What are the best mountain bike shoes of 2022

Fizik X1

Fizik X1

Let’s start with the most performing and stiff mountain bike shoe models, suitable for those who love competition. An Xc MTB shoe for those who love fit and lightness.

The new Infinito closure system uses two double Boa® IP1-B micro-adjustable dials with an infinite configuration (hence the name of the shoe) and the laser-drilled Microtex upper give a comfort and top breathability while the unidirectional carbon sole ensures the best possible performance in terms of power transfer on the pedals.

The small rubber blocks on the heel and on the toe protect the sole when walking and allow you to quickly eliminate mud, even if they are reduced to a minimum to contain weight.

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If you want to aim for the best, take a look at these MTB Sidi shoes, with a winning structure. It counts on a very ergonomic memory foam insole, which produces a memory effect, and a rigid and light carbon sole , equipped with a replacement system, which makes the shoe with unlimited duration.

On the outside we find synthetic leather and a central closure, which makes it possible to use a shoe cover. Finally, the adjustment of the heel can be established independently and there are also blocks for inserting the cleats.

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The DMT TK1 is a shoe designed for those who love enduro and therefore also suitable for the most bumpy trails. From this year all DMT shoes have an upper in Enginered Knit , a fabric that is increasingly used also in cycling shoes since it allows you to create an upper without annoying seams.

The DMT TK1, in addition to extreme comfort , features a Vibram sole to absorb shocks, the BOA system with a ratchet to guarantee a precise and enveloping closure and a thin anti-abrasion coating in the areas of greatest wear.

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Spiuk Aldapa

Spiuk Aldapa

The Spiuk are MTB shoes designed purely for use in the mountains, dedicated to cyclists who want to perform well. The sole in mixed carbon fiber and polyamide ensures good pedal transmission.

The lightweight upper has reinforcements in the part most exposed to abrasions, for greater grip; the BOA closing system is patented and guarantees quick adjustment even while pedaling.

The design is also characterized by the DSS, a system that provides for the strategic distribution of the ventilation holes, to prevent the lack of comfort.

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Shimano SPD

Shimano SPDWho does not know which MTB shoes to buy, but wants a pair suitable and compatible with the Shimano system , can opt for this Tiebao model, suitable for all outdoor sports.

The exterior is synthetic and breathable, the lining is in fabric and the hook and loop closure, for better adjustment according to your foot and the socks you are wearing. A professional model, with non-slip synthetic sole and breathable insole, which absorbs sweat and therefore gives comfort in every situation.

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