The 10 best swimming pools

Best swimming pools

There is a huge variety of garden pools of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials. When you have to choose the best above ground pool for your needs, you are often spoiled for choice. Selecting the right product can quickly become complicated and confusing.

3 decisive factors for choosing an above ground pool


The above ground pools are a valid economic alternative and with a lower environmental impact for those looking for a garden furniture with which to cool off and do not want to ruin the land with expensive installation work but at the same time want a swimming pool to exploit during the summer months.

There are different types of above ground pools, each of which is suitable for a specific target of users.
The first thing to do, therefore, before proceeding with the purchase, is to carefully evaluate your needs and choose the type of above ground pool that is best able to satisfy them.


Once you have established which type of above ground pool best suits your needs, it will then be important to opt for a model with dimensions suitable for the space in the garden: it must in fact be considered that the pool needs a flat surface without unevenness. However, it is not only the length and width of the pool that must be taken into consideration: under the heading dimensions we can in fact also enter the depth, the water capacity and the shape of the swimming pool.

Let’s see what characteristics can be found from these points of view:

  • Depth: in addition to the dimensions in width and height, we must not forget to also consider the depth of the pool, especially if it is foreseen that it will be used by very few children years. Generally above ground pools are not particularly deep and an adult can usually dive up to the waist. Of the three types, the shallowest are those belonging to the category of self-supporting pools, while the above ground frame pools and the rigid ones have a variable depth from about 80 to 130 cm
  • Capacity: length, width and height of the pool together determine its water capacity. The water is clearly the responsibility of the user, so filling and emptying the pool frequently could also significantly affect the cost of the water bill
  • Shape: we talked about length and width, but in reality many models are available only in round shape, including for example all those that fall under the category of the self-supporting swimming pools, and the dimension to be considered in this case will therefore be the length of the diameter. The shape of the pool can also greatly influence its use: round pools are ideal for those who plan to take advantage of the pool especially to spend a few hours soaking, while some rectangular pools are large enough to allow also a few strokes back and forth along the pool

Cleaning and maintenance

One of the factors that distinguishes above ground pools from inflatable ones is the maintenance they require. The amount of water they contain is in fact much greater and, with the exception of self-supporting swimming pools, it is unthinkable to fill and empty them daily.

For this reason it is important that the water inside the tub is kept clean and free of bacteria, in order to prevent stagnation from creating the ideal ecosystem for algae, mosquitoes, midges and many microorganisms. Although many tools for cleaning and disinfecting water will have to be purchased separately, it is always advisable to opt for models equipped with a particularly garnished maintenance kit, so that you can enjoy the pool from the first moment. after the purchase without having to wait until you have obtained everything you need for its correct functioning.

Let’s now look at some of the best swimming pools available on the market.

The best swimming pools


Intex 28143The Easy Set category of Intex above ground pools is the easiest to install and to maintain. It is one of the most popular swimming pools due to its value for money and its ideal size for a family of 4-5 people. This above ground pool is easy to disassemble and relatively easy to move – all you have to do is deflate, dry, pack and move it.

The reinforced sides are very resistant and designed to make your above ground pool last for several seasons. This model is not sold together with a filter pump, a base sheet and a cover sheet, but you will need to purchase them separately.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 107.99£

Intex 28202

Intex 28202UKWhat we like about the Intex Frame pool is that it is very easy to install. The pool kit is equipped with numerous accessories that make installation and maintenance a simple and pleasant experience. This is a above ground pool perfectly sized for small families to relax and enjoy the warm summer sun.

It is sold together with a sturdy steel frame that is powder-coated, aesthetically pleasing and capable of resisting rust. The ease of installation and the fact that it is sold together with a cover make this pool the ideal choice for your garden.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 120£ instead of 199.99£

Intex 28324

Intex 28324Intex Ultra Frame, with its 4.27 meters length, is the ideal pool for a family or a group of 4. It is sold together with the elements necessary for the management of a swimming pool, for example a base sheet, a removable ladder, a filter pump and a cover sheet.

The rigid above ground pool Ultra Frame is made with sturdy steel frames resistant to rust. The legs of the frame are much wider at the bottom to make the pool more stable even on softer ground. Although not recommended, you can leave the pool assembled all year.

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Bestway 56418

Bestway 56418The Bestway Steel Pro Frame pool is made with steel frames of high quality rust resistant, mounted together with “T” connectors and safety clips to avoid injury. Although the kit does not include a ladder, the pool is adequately sized for easy entry.

A family of 4 can easily enjoy the comfort of this above ground pool in their garden. However, it is not suitable for swimming. Bestway offers a very affordable alternative to the small pools on the market today.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price

Bestway 56411

Bestway 56411The rectangular above ground pool Bestway features a durable and solid rustproof metal frame. Its construction makes it extremely resistant and robust, giving it the appearance of a high-end swimming pool despite its absolutely competitive price.

It represents the ideal solution for those looking for a large swimming pool but does not have a very high budget. Make sure you are at least in 3 for the installation!

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Summer Waves

Summer WavesThe Summer Waves above ground pool of the Steel Frame series has a resistant and practical structure. The 3.5 meters pool is perfect for children. The fact that it is sold with a filtering system means easy maintenance and clean water with little effort throughout the summer.

Ideal if you have never had an above ground pool before, since the robust construction and ease of installation and maintenance make the experience with this above ground pool a breeze.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price

Intex 26356NP

Intex 26356NPThe Intex 26356NP is a rectangular above ground pool with sand pump equipped with double ladder and cover sheet. It is a model of size 549x274x132 cm with a stainless steel structure, powder-coated metal tubes and triple coating in reinforced and resistant material.

Both the floor and the side walls are in fact composed of 3 Super-Tough layers, with very high resistance to shocks, abrasions and also to the heat of the sun’s rays.

The solidity of the materials used to make the Intex 26356PN give it high stability, for safe days in the pool even with your children; rounded edges also contribute to safety. The assembly is easy and intuitive as well as the disassembly, especially the emptying phase of the pool made much easier by the drainage device, included in the package.

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Intex 26778

Intex 26778If you have a very large garden and are looking for a resistant swimming pool, Intex Ultra Frame could be the one for you. Thanks to the rectangular shape and the considerable dimensions, this rigid above ground pool has become very popular in a very short time.

Backed by a solid rust-resistant steel frame, the Intex Ultra Frame pool will last for many years. The side walls are made of super resistant PVC which prevents the formation of tears or holes. Comes with many additional accessories such as a bottom pool cover, above ground pool cover, ladder, filter pump and maintenance kit.

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Intex 26364NP

Intex 26364NPThe Intex Ultra Frame pool is the best solution if you have a limited budget and want to enjoy a large pool. The best-selling of this series is this rectangular 7 x 4 meters pool, which is very easy to assemble, fill, empty and disassemble.

This size makes it ideal not only for cooling off, but also for swimming. This above ground pool used properly, can last many years thanks to its powder-coated steel structure. The pool set includes several basic items, including a basic tarpaulin for above ground pools, a cover sheet, a ladder and a filter pump.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 897.97£ instead of 2037.98£

Intex 26756NP

Intex 26756NPThe Intex Prism Frame circular swimming pool is an above ground frame model that is very easy to assemble and disassemble, thanks to the practical interlocking system. Made with tubular metal structure, coating in triple layer of super-tough PVC and treated steel, it is capable of resisting rust and corrosion.

It has a capacity of 32,695 liters and dimensions equal to 610 x 132 cm, perfect for installing it in the garden or on the terrace, depending on the space available. However, it is recommended to mount it in a room that is at least 750 cm wide.

Inside are supplied cartridge filter pump and flow rate of 5,788 l / h, excluding type A filter; 38 mm hose connection, Intex’s exclusive Hydro Technology ventilation system; safety ladder; protective mat for the base of the pool and cover sheet and drain plug with adapter for garden hose to direct the water.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 409.71£

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