The 5 best hot tubs

best hot tubs

When the warm season arrives, the desire to be outdoors enjoying the heat and the sun takes over, but often collides with intolerable or almost intolerable temperatures and humidity levels. To relieve the heat and not give up being outdoors, you can think, having space available in the courtyard or garden, to install an  above ground pool or an outdoor hot tub.

How to choose the best hot tubs


Outdoor whirlpools, also called many times outdoor whirlpool mini-pools, are divided into two large types: on the one hand we have in fact the fixed tubs, which once installed, they remain on a permanent basis in the garden or courtyard and can at most be moved elsewhere, on the other hand we have the inflatable tubs, which we can also collect once the warm season has passed.

Let’s see the differences between these two types:

  • Fixed tanks: fixed tanks are made of rigid materials, mostly fiberglass, ABS or PMMA: these are light but strong plastic materials. The external cladding can be made of various materials, all resistant to bad weather: laminated wood and ABS plastic are the most common for whirlpool baths. fixed external.
  • Vasche rotonde: the round tubs, on the other hand, can have a diameter ranging from 180 to 225 cm and accommodate from 4 to 7 people. The rigid structure allows, as is evident, to reach larger dimensions and accommodate a greater number of guests.


Clearly the peculiar characteristic of a whirlpool bath is its massaging capacity. Hydromassage can be very relaxing on tense muscles and on tired ones after training, but not all tubs massage in the same way. It is always advisable to take note of the number of jets with which the tub is equipped, their type and their distribution with respect to our seated body.

The number of jets present in an outdoor hot tub varies not only according to the number of seats it is equipped with, but also according to the type of tub and, ultimately, to the quality of the model.

Here is the quantitative difference we are talking about:

  • Inflatable tub: from 80 to 130 jets;
  • Fixed basin: from 15 (2 places basin) to 85 (8 places) jets.

Not all jets are the same, of course: a greater variety in the size, location and power of the various jets can be found, for example, in the fixed tubs, which are more suitable for a truly relaxing massage for the muscles, while the inflatable tubs offer a milder and less distributed massage.

As mentioned, an outdoor hot tub can have three types jets: water, air or a combination of the two; these three types of jets differ in the intensity of the massage and in the effects:

  • Water jet: it is the most powerful of the three, it uses the water from the tub itself to produce a strong and localized current that, better than all the others, helps to relax the muscles;
  • Air jet: it is normally much thinner than the water jet and generates a less intense and more superficial massage. In some variants, a subtle underwater mist is used to create an oxygenating flow for the skin;
  • Mixed jet: it is a cross between the two, it does not offer a deep massage of the muscles, but promotes drainage and circulation.

Massage areas

Evaluating which areas of the body an outdoor hot tub can treat is particularly important, as is obvious, if we specifically want a tub that has a tangible effect on our muscles, and it is less important if what we are aiming for it is simply enjoying moments of relaxation in the tub.

It must be said that, also in this case, the differences between inflatable pools and fixed pools are substantial. An inflatable tub, in fact, delivers the jet of air almost exclusively from the bottom of the tub, thus concentrating the massage only on the lower part of the body (buttocks, legs and lumbar area). On the other hand, a fixed tub has jets distributed over the various parts of the seat: backrest, seat and legs, so as to massage the whole body in a targeted manner.

Operating mode

Finally, an outdoor hot tub can be equipped with various functions and operating modes. Being designed for outdoor placement, the outdoor hot tubs are all equipped with a water heating system that allows them to be used even in the evening or during cooler seasons.

Many outdoor hot tubs are equipped with different programs and massage modes which differ in duration, power and frequency of the jets. The number and quality of these programs naturally differ from model to model and, once again, we must underline that fixed pools offer a greater number of programs than inflatable pools: in fact, an inflatable pool rarely offers any program, while fixed tanks normally range from three programs upwards.

Keeping the preset programs have a fixed duration, useful among other things to contain energy consumption, it is usually also possible to set the tank for continuous operation regulated by a timer: that is, we can decide how long the massage jets must remain active.


Beyond the functions related primarily to hydromassage, a hydromassage mini-pool can also offer other features accessory that integrate the relaxing experience of bathing and bubbles.

A tub of this type almost always offers, in addition to the hydromassage:

  • Chromotherapy: one or more spotlights with iridescent colors, installed on the bottom or on the walls of the tub, offer not only lighting, but also the benefits deriving from chromotherapy treatments;
  • Built-in stereo: built-in speakers at the edge of the tub allow you to further relax by listening to your favorite music or radio station.


Exactly as it is necessary for swimming pools, even an outdoor hot tub must be kept clean and sanitized, since the water that we will introduce at the time of setting up will remain almost completely the same for the whole period of use.

The needs are the same for both fixed and inflatable pools: it is necessary to maintain chlorinated water, so that bacterial colonies do not develop; it is also possible to use a specific anti-algae product to avoid organic formations; then it is necessary to pay attention to the periodic cleaning of the pump filter and, where possible, also carry out descaling treatments.

Best hot tubs

Bestway 54148

Bestway 54148

The Bestway 54148 Lay-Z-Spa Paris heated outdoor hydromassage pool allows the water to heat up in a short time and reach 40 degrees (the energy saving timer is included). In addition, it has 87 air massaging jets for maximum relaxation. It has a sturdy Tritech structure and a three-layer reinforced PVC that does not deteriorate over time.

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Bestway 54123 Miami

Bestway 54123

The Lay Z Spa Miami swimming pool by Bestway is one of the most popular models of the entire collection. It is circular in shape, with a internal diameter of 1.32 meters and a capacity of 669 liters. The tub is perfect to comfortably accommodate two people, but it can also be used by four people.

This model offers an extremely pleasant and engaging spa experience thanks to the AirJet technology and the heating system, which brings the water to a maximum temperature of 40 °C. The Freeze Shield system allows you to use the pool even in winter, as it keeps the water temperature constant in all weather conditions.

The tub is made of DuraPlus, a material patented by Bestway and used for the inflatable walls and the internal mesh of the structure. The use of this material makes the tub very rigid, and prevents it from contracting and deforming.

On the edge of the pool you will find a control panel, which allows you to set the water temperature and to choose the different functions of the tub. This spa inflates in minutes, using the supplied pump. Once emptied, the tank has a limited weight and can be transported and moved easily.

Tank maintenance takes only a few minutes. The spa is equipped with a filter cartridge to allow the water to remain clear and clean for a long time and a floating dispenser for releasing the chlorine tablets.

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Lay Z Spa Palm Springs

Lay Z Spa Palm Springs

The Lay Z Spa Palm Springs instead has an internal diameter of 1.46 meters and a capacity of 916 liters. This model is one of the most welcoming and comfortable in the collection, ideal to comfortably accommodate from four to six people.

The tub is equipped with Airjet technology, which gives you 140 powerful air jets, a water heating system and < strong> Freeze Shield system, ideal for enjoying your relaxing outdoor bath even in winter.

Perfect to install outdoors, but also ideal in a private setting, such as a terrace or veranda, the Palm Springs inflatable spa has walls in DuraPlus. With its three layers of PVC and a sturdy mesh net this material makes your bathtub indestructible, but also guarantees thermal insulation and comfort.

This is one of the most popular models, as its sand-colored finish is elegant and goes perfectly with any type of decor in your garden, veranda or even terrace.

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Intex PureSpa

Intex PureSpa

The Intex Pure Spa Bubble Therapy 28426 is an inflatable model; one of the advantages is the presence of a self-inflating mechanism which makes installation very easy. As for the size, the diameter is about 196 cm, a width that translates into the ability to accommodate about 4 users at the same time. This outdoor hot tub features 1 20 air jets that massage different areas of the body: arms, legs and loins.

There are no automatic programs but we find an automatic shutdown function that stops operation after 30 minutes. The water temperature can be set within a range that goes from 20 ° C to 40 ° C, and this translates into the possibility of using this tub both in the warmer months and in the cooler ones. Finally, a rich accessory kit is supplied which includes an antistatic mat, a repair kit, a cover sheet, a floating chlorinator and a transport bag.

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Mspa Tuscany

Mspa Tuscany

Hydromassage pool, octagonal shape, with 138 air jets and bubble intensity adjustable to three levels. Capacity: 1200 liters. Made with wood-effect PVC structure, complete with reinforced PVC cover with imitation leather panel top. With ozone generator, fast heating system up to 40 ° C, energy saving timer and child safety lock.

Includes: 2 filter cartridges, irrigation hose adapter, foot pump, manual and instruction DVD. Dimensions: 193 x 73 cm (diameter x height).

Ideal for 6 people and to be placed in the garden or on the terrace. Clean and contemporary design, the plastic panel with wood effect guarantees the durability of the product, while its easy installation allows excellent portability.

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