The 10 best Barbecues Charcoal, Wood, Gas and Electric

Best barbecues

Some basics to understand which could be the best barbecue for you: electric, gas, wood or charcoal. With gas it allows quick cooking and is easy to clean. Wood or charcoal for lovers of traditional cooking and smoking. The electric is comfortable, easily reaches heat and cooking is uniform.

The best types of barbecues

Charcoal barbecue

The most used type, as well as a classic of the grill, is the charcoal barbecue, a method of preparation that manages to give the most appropriate flavor to food. Certainly, charcoal is a more convenient type of fuel than wood-burning barbecues and allows for a very similar taste.

The difference with electric barbecues, on the other hand, is obvious: cooking is optimal, with better results on the final product and a pleasant smoking. You need a large outdoor area, with sufficient ventilation. This is a very important element to consider when choosing this type.

Wood Barbecue

The best performance for grilling is obtained with charcoal barbecues and wood barbecues, without a doubt. With equal certainty we can say that wood-burning barbecues need some considerations. As a rule, the barbecues of this range are suitable for outdoor use, with large spaces dedicated to the structure of the grill. Feeding with wood creates a lot of waste material, producing ash and debris, so it is necessary to keep the structure clean, in addition to keeping a supply of firewood as fuel. With gardens or narrow spaces, it is better to opt for another type of barbecue.

The cooking results, however, are decidedly excellent and offer consistent smoking. Some of the wood-burning models also support other fuels, especially coal, a very convenient option to manage, both for practicality and for emergencies.

Gas barbecue

One of the most problematic aspects of charcoal or wood-fired barbecues is cleaning up the combustion area once you have finished grilling. This problem does not arise with the electric type but not only, to save time and effort there are also gas barbecues.

The gas system has many positive aspects: the first is that it does not produce smoke, it does not need any power outlet, moreover, there are no ash residues to clean. Certainly the result is very different from the traditional preparation on the grill with wood or coal and for this reason it is not always loved by barbecue enthusiasts.

lava stone

Lava stone is a type of material that can be heated in a short time. Thanks to its conformation, in addition to the speed of heating, the stone is able to retain heat for a long time. In this way, even cooking with a gas barbecue becomes more uniform and is very similar to the models with charcoal or wood, typical of traditional barbecues.

The only drawback is the particular maintenance that must be carried out when you go to clean the grill. Cleaning must be done exclusively with boiling water, at most with the addition of a few drops of vinegar. The surface must be changed in any case after a certain number of uses, so it may not be suitable for those who use it frequently.

Electric Barbecue

Ideal for confined areas or places without sufficient ventilation is an electrically powered barbecue. Electric barbecues are ideal for sporadic use or in the absence of spaces dedicated to the grill, even if they depend on the use of electricity.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a sufficiently close socket or an extension, which restricts its use to limited areas. Among the models on the market, there are more or less professional products, but basically the price ranges are not particularly high, with economic or medium-low costs.

Cooking, unlike other versions of barbecues, requires medium / long times, a somewhat limiting factor for lovers of classic barbecues. Among the types of barbecues, you can choose fixed models, with dedicated structures, and demountable models, much easier to clean and transport.


The most robust are in cast aluminum alloy, cast iron and steel, but if you are a traditionalist you can always opt for a brick barbecue.

Which barbecue to buy?

We have seen that there are many types, especially depending on the power supply of the device. Between charcoal, wood, gas and electricity barbecues we really have a very high quantity of products on the market. Let’s now see some very interesting products, divided by price range.

Best Barbecues for economic range

Weber Compact Kettle 47

Weber Compact KettleThe Weber Compact Kettle is a simple charcoal barbecue with everything you need. Its compact size makes it perfect for a small area in the garden and the size of its circular grill of approximately 47 cm in diameter allows you to cook several steaks at the same time. It is also possible to cook large pieces, such as chicken or very thick steaks, which will be well roasted on the outside and soft and cooked just right inside.

The barbecue is robust and very stable. The materials are of excellent quality and despite being stable it is very easy to move, thanks also to the wheels it is equipped with. If you consider all its advantages and the very low price at which it is proposed, it is really a successful purchase.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 137.82£

Tectake BBQ Smoker

Tectake BBQ SmokerThe Tectake BBQ Smoker is a small portable barbecue that can also be used as a smoker, very well functioning, practical, compact and comfortable to move. It is equipped with a lid on which there is a thermometer to check the heat inside the hob of the cooking area.

The expense for the purchase of this barbecue is really low, so it can be a whim to be granted without too much hesitation.

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Severin PG 2792

Severin PG 2792The Severin PG 2792 is an electric barbecue, consisting of a grill with a maximum power of 2500 W, and a base on which the grill rests. The fact that it is electric makes it rather easy to clean and can also be used on the balcony without smoking the neighbors.

It is a complete product but with a low price, suitable for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and any other product you want to grill, giving a characteristic flavor that cooking in the oven or in a pan cannot give.

It is very practical and light, it can be disassembled and the grill can easily be used even resting on another shelf. Also very convenient is the fact that in such a product the grids can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.

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Best Barbecues for mid-range

Campingaz Adelaide 3 Woody

Campingaz Adelaide 3 WoodyCampingaz Adelaide 3 Woody is one of the best gas barbecues on the market, powerful and simple to use. A product with an excellent value for money, which allows multiple cooking and offers everything you could want from such a product.

It is a 3-burner gas barbecue with uniform heat distribution, which reduces cooking times and optimizes energy. This bbq in the Woody version has all the parts of the “structure” in acacia wood, which make it a real piece of furniture for the garden, the terrace or even the simple balcony.

Food can be cooked either on the cast iron plate or on the grill. Ignition is piezoelectric, therefore quick and fast. The selling price is very balanced compared to what this product offers, certainly a recommended gas barbecue.

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Sochef Saporillo

Sochef SaporilloThe Sochef Saporillo is a gas barbecue among the best on the market for quality / price ratio, because it offers all the peculiarities that make gas cooking so popular, in a product with an affordable price, with an attractive appearance, excellent materials and excellent performance.

This bbq is perfect if you want a gas product that does not take up too much space and guarantees excellent cooking, and which also acts as an “oven”. Yes, because the fact that the lid covers the cooking area, creating a sort of hat, makes it a practical outdoor oven, which will allow you to cook anything, even on the balcony, without leaving odors in the house.

It has two burners and the cooking plate is made of lava stone, the most popular solution for its more uniform heat distribution. You can cook anything: fish, meat, bread bruschetta, vegetables and anything else you can think of, there are no limits! A really interesting product, which requires little space available and a low budget, which quickly pays off with a state of the art cooking of food.

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KLARSTEIN Beef Brisket Smoker Grill

KLARSTEIN Beef Brisket Smoker GrillThe KLARSTEIN Beef Brisket Smoker Grill is a barbecue that offers truly exceptional smoking. There is a very large space for cooking and a space dedicated entirely to smoking. The cooking can be done with charcoal or with wood, this is indicated above all for smoking.

A sturdy bbq, which remains very stable, equipped with a thermometer, which makes cooking very comfortable.A really well made product. If you are looking for a high-quality barbecue, with excellent smoke, surely this is a model to consider.

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Best Barbecues for high-end

Char-Broil Professional Serie 3400S

Char-Broil Professional Serie 3400SThe Char-Broil Professional Series 3400S is a 3 burner gas barbecue. It uses a TRU-Infrared technology, which allows you to cook better, faster and more efficiently, with significant gas savings and ensuring more uniform cooking without flames.

The bbq is made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees resistance and ease of cleaning of the materials. The grids are made of cast iron and are quite easy to clean. There is a thermometer, which is mounted above the lid, and monitors the internal cooking temperature.

It also has a grill designed to keep cooked food warm and on the side shelves you can easily cut and place the ingredients to be cooked, as well as all the utensils of course. It is a high quality product, made with excellent technologies and which does not disappoint its buyers.

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Campingaz 4 Series LS Plus Dual Gas

Campingaz 4 Series LS Plus Dual GasThe Campingaz 4 Series LS Plus Dual Gas is a gas barbecue that features 4 burners plus a side burner that is meant for cooking or reheating condiments or other foods while grilling meat.

This bbq has the characteristic of being very easy to wash, because the parts that come into contact with food can be disassembled and can be washed in the dishwasher! This gas barbecue works both with the classic cylinder and with the methane connection.

It has a thermometer in the lid and all components are made of materials designed to last over time. A barbecue that cooks well, is reliable and very simple to use.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 426.23£ instead of 589.98£

Weber Genesis EX-335

Weber Genesis EX-335

The Genesis II EP-335 GBS has 3 stainless steel burners plus one called Sear Station. The advantage of this additional burner, positioned between the central and right burners, consists in increasing performance by concentrating the heat in a small area, the perfect solution for browning meat and obtaining perfect Maillards.

At the Sear Station, the grill is specially shaped to accommodate the GBS (Gourmet BBQ System) in which it is possible to use all the dedicated accessories, such as the browning grill, the wok, or the pizza stone, transforming this barbecue into a real and own outdoor kitchen.

Another highlight of this bbq that makes it truly complete is the presence of an additional stove on the side shelf, convenient for preparing side dishes, sauces and gravies and perfect for frying.

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