The 5 best Mosquito killing lamps

Best Mosquito killing lamps

It does not matter if you intend to buy a random Mosquito Lamp, but if you have decided to buy the best Mosquito killing lamp with the Top.Deals staff, then you are the perfect place. Thanks to Top.Deals staff we have created this guide for Mosquito killing Lamps.

How to choose the best mosquito killing lamp

Sleeping peacefully and peacefully without being disturbed by annoying buzzing from mosquitoes or other insects is very important. If you don’t want to use chemical remedies, which are potentially harmful to your health, then a mosquito lamp could be the right solution. In the ranking contained in our guide, you will find reviews of some of the most interesting models on the market.

Type of light emitted

Generally, a mosquito trap consists of a simple lamp that attracts the insect to itself to subsequently electrify it through an electrified grid. Over time, other types of similar and technologically advanced devices have developed, as it has been understood that not all dipterans are attracted to the same light. It has been found that purple, yellow and orange stand out among the most effective color shades for attracting these insects.

It was also found that UV light emitting lamps are the most effective for trapping most flying insects. In practice, mosquito repellent devices that use this type of light radiation exploit a particular wavelength, very popular with insects, which acts as a perfect bait.


After taking a look at the type of luminous bait, let’s analyze which are the devices that capture and exterminate the unfortunate who get too close to the light. On the market you can find lamps with insect traps of different types: with electric grill, fan or glue.

Obviously the price changes depending on the model you choose, even if the costs are rarely prohibitive. In the case of electric traps, the insect, after being attracted by the light source, comes into contact with an electrified metal mesh that instantly electrifies it, causing it to fall into the collection tray below.

In the integrated fan device, on the other hand, the mosquito is attracted inside a mosquito net from which it will no longer come out alive, as the flow of air generated inside will prevent any attempt to escape; in this way it will remain trapped until dying of dehydration.

Indoor or outdoor lamps

The devices mentioned above are among the most common and efficient domestic pest control systems on the market, as they are safe and non-toxic products that do not dirty the environment. Before buying a mosquito lamp, however, it is good to know where it will be placed. This is a fundamental detail because there are models for internal or external use or for both cases.

lamps for indoor use usually have small and compact dimensions and are available in different designs, to offer the possibility of being placed on furniture or hung on the wall, out of reach of children.

The models for outdoor use, on the other hand, are designed to be located in open spaces such as gardens, courtyards and verandas. They must also be clearly visible, to attract as many insects as possible to the affected area. Also in this case the design is nice and pleasant and the traps are well hidden. These devices are resistant to atmospheric agents and are particularly suitable for bars, restaurants, hotel entrances, etc.

Best 5 Mosquito killing lamps

Sunnila Electric Insect Killer

 Sunnila Electric Insect Killer, 18 WA very interesting mosquito lamp that of Sunnila, which has the absence of chemicals to eliminate insects. An outdoor and indoor model with a power of 18 W and with two incandescent lamps that emit ultraviolet light.

Thanks to its characteristics it can cover an area of 100 square meters, so it is also fine in a very large room, if you want to keep it at home. The outer part is in ABS, a very resistant and durable material, which makes it perfect even in case of rain and thunder.

Present a hook at the top, which allows you to hang it and then to direct it where you want. While it can be effective with mosquitoes and smaller insects, the same cannot be said of the larger ones, so it may be suitable for this purpose.

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ROVLAK Fly Zapper Indoor

ROVLAK Fly Zapper Indoor Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp 14W

For those who intend to adopt a slightly less “gentle” approach, there is the alternative of insecticidal lamps. Specifically, here we are dealing with the model of ROVLAK electric mosquito repellent, one of the most efficient and popular in the entire category.

The structure of the device consists of two built-in 6 watt UV tubes that emit UV light of 365 NM. This allows you to effectively attract mosquitoes by simulating the same human temperature. Once attracted to the insects, it kills them with a 1500 – 1800V discharge.

It does not emit particular noises during operation, does not use chemicals and is not toxic in any way. The mosquito repellent lamp is harmless for children and pets.

The lamp is surrounded by a solid iron structure, while the shell is made of high quality ABS. The protection just mentioned serves to protect the integrity of the product. The use of the device itself is quite simple. Just connect the device to an electric press and it is able to work effectively even in areas of 30 square meters.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best mosquito repellants currently on the market.

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Rowenta MN4010


We totally change the product, focusing on a solution presented by Rowenta. It is Rowenta MN4010 and is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly mosquito repellent.

Through a LED UV light, this tool attracts mosquitoes and catches them through a suction system. It is an interesting solution also because, thanks to the system it adopts, does not require special refills or spare parts.

Once the product is purchased, it is able to function for several years without problems. Quiet and economical, Rowenta MN4010 is rightfully among the best mosquito repellants on the market.

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Moel Cricri 308

Moel Cricri 308

The professional electric mosquito net produced by MO-EL, with its power of 80W produced by two 40W lamps, is designed to cover large rooms (200-300 m 2).

The watertight lamps allow the device to be given IPX4 certification against splashing water. The metal mesh is tested against oxidation and the entire bodywork to withstand extreme temperatures.

The device can also be permanently installed outdoors.

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Moel 13oz

Moel 13ozThis model, equipped with 32 W circular lamp, offers all the basic functions of the insectivore: it is easy to clean thanks to the extractable filter and drawer, easy to use and convenient to carry. The drawer is equipped with a patented automatic closing system.

The fan motor works with 2 speeds: the first slower and very quiet suitable for capturing insects such as mosquitoes in complete silence during the night, the second faster, suitable for the day.

It is a suction insect killer and can be placed on furniture, on the floor or hung on the wall, using the plug provided.

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