The 5 best lawn mowers

best lawn mowers

As the name suggests, the lawn mower is a gardening tool used, both in the home and professionally, to take care of small and large green spaces, cutting away weeds and adjusting the length of the lawn as you prefer.

How to choose the lawn mower

However, anyone who has a garden must pay some attention to choosing the right lawn mower model: based on the size of the soil, the quality of the grass or shrubs that grow there and the frequency with which cutting is necessary, you will need a model rather than another. In this buying guide we will explain what are the main features to pay attention to and how to choose the right lawn mower for your garden.


The primary factor to take into consideration when choosing the product to buy are the characteristics of the cut: we are talking, for example, of the measures that can be chosen for the height of the grass. Of your lawn, of the surface that the blades are able to cover at each step and, consequently, of the working speed and the uses for which a model is suitable or not.

The cutting system of a lawn mower is in fact usually composed of two rotating blades which can have different sizes, each suitable for a specific square footage of land. We see below the elements relating to the cutting capacity that characterize a lawn mower:

  • Cutting width: expressed in centimeters, the cutting width describes the diameter of the circumference that the rotating blades cover when they are in action. The size of the surface that the lawn mower is able to cover depends on this measure, since the greater the cutting width, the fewer passes and the shorter time of use.
  • Cutting height: this measure instead refers to the customization of the height you want to give to the blades of grass in your plot of land or small garden. Depending on the sophistication of the mower you choose, you may have fewer or more settings to choose from.
  • Combs: Some more sophisticated models are characterized by the presence of special grass combs, or rather guide inserts to direct the blades of grass directly towards the blade. In this way it is possible to obtain a very accurate and effective cut and allows the lawn mower to also effectively remove the grass along the walls and in the flower beds.


The power factor refers to the mower’s performance, i.e. its ability to deal with different types of grass, including stringy, difficult to cut or dry grass. For this reason, based on the type of lawn or garden you will have to work on, you will need to carefully select the power of the model to buy. A small premise is necessary: lawn mowers can essentially be of two types: internal combustion engine or an electric.


The power factor influences, as we said, the practical use of the lawn mower and outlines the situations for which a particular model is more or less suitable. As mentioned, there are three types of lawn mowers: mains powered models, models with internal rechargeable battery or professional and semi-professional models with internal combustion engine.

The main differences:

  • Electric lawn mowers: this category includes the majority of the currently most popular lawn mowers, i.e. those that operate powered by electricity. Among the advantages we undoubtedly include power: this type of lawn mower, in fact, is capable of “never getting tired” and delivering the amount of power in a continuous and constant manner. necessary. Electric lawn mowers are therefore recommended for those looking for greater power, perhaps because they have to cut thick and stringy weeds and not just give a small lawn a trim.
  • Battery-powered lawn mower: The advantage of owning a battery-powered lawn mower is definitely the freedom of movement. Among the disadvantages, however, we certainly find the dependence on the recharging times and battery autonomy, in addition to the power output of the battery which can have different voltages depending on the model: a good power to be taken into consideration for effective performance even on grass and difficult surfaces it is around 36 V.
  • Petrol lawn mowers: of all types of lawn mowers, the petrol engine is undoubtedly the most performing in terms of cutting power and, consequently, better able to tackle even the most difficult weeds to treat, as well as damp or wet lawns. It could be argued that the big disadvantage of a petrol lawn mower is its weight: between engine and fuel, in fact, the difference compared to electric models is very tangible. However, it must be remembered that often, especially the models with a larger cutting width, are self-propelled: that is, they have drive wheels that undertake the onerous task of moving the lawn mower forward, saving a lot of effort for those who maneuver it.


We come to the structure factor, that is the description of all those physical characteristics of the lawn mower, such as weight and ergonomics. The first element to evaluate is the handle design, which should be ergonomic in order to offer a firm and comfortable grip. Ideally, the handle should have a soft, non-slip rubber coating which, in addition to ensuring a firm grip, also makes it more comfortable to push and maneuver the lawn mower. Easy maneuverability and simple transport are instead ensured by the combination of two elements: the weight of the tool and the type and strength of the wheels, which should be rubberized.

Practicality of use

Ease of use is one of the decisive factors in identifying the lawn mower that best suits your needs, as it is indicative of the simplicity and ease of use of a garden tool. Here are some aspects that you must necessarily evaluate when choosing a product:

  • Features of the tank: it is really important to pay attention to the capacity of the tank, because the larger the collection tank for the cut grass, the less frequent it will be emptied. The larger models currently on the market have a tank with a capacity ranging from 45 to 50 l, while the models of medium-small and medium tonnage. They have instead of collection baskets of about 30-35 l. Another aspect of the tank to look out for is whether it allows you to monitor the fill level.
  • Folding handles: checking if the handles are foldable and / or removable is to ensure a lawn mower that can greatly reduce the footprint when stored in the garage, cellar or left in garden; the models with fixed handles, in fact, require much more space.

Best lawn mowers

Einhell GE-CM 36

Einhell GE-CM 36

Its 36 cm blades, in fact, can be adjusted with a central mechanism in six different positions, for a grass height between 2.5 and 7.5 cm.

The bag is large enough, 40 liters very comfortable. However, if you prefer to collect the grass at a later time, you can detach it and let the mowing come out from the rear using a convenient deflector.

It is a fairly heavy model with a push movement system. Does that make it impractical? Actually, no. The wheels, in fact, move easily on the ground and the handle (foldable at the end of the work) is comfortable when pushing.

The battery pack is also excellent: the two 18 volt batteries necessary for the operation of the lawn mower are included in the package, with more than enough autonomy to finish the job.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 251.24£

Murray EQ 400

Murray EQ 400Powered by a powerful Briggs Stratton 450e Series gasoline engine that guarantees the highest reliability in the industry, it boasts a displacement of 125cc, perfect for tackling even the toughest grass, without risk of jamming and tolerate very well even winter temperatures.

The cutting base is 46 cm, treated against corrosion and any type of damage from impact, so that if there are woods or stones that are made to splash off the blades, there is no risk of them going out of the chassis, or damaging moving parts. You can easily adjust the cutting height with 6 positions between 28 mm and 92 mm.

The bag is completely washable and designed to prevent the formation of mold and fermentation inside. For its operation it is also necessary to use 0.5 liters of oil for the 4-stroke engine together with the petrol, which must be purchased separately based on availability and choice. Start-up occurs through the use of a tear-off belt, which you just need to pull two or three times to start the lawn mower.

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Bosch ARM 32

Bosch ARM 32

The Bosch electric lawn mower family is very large. ARMs and Rotaks are truly effective, high-quality lawn mowers. There are something for all needs, the ARM 32 is the right compromise for those who have a small garden and want to spend little: it is powered by a 1200 Watt Powerdrive motor, its weight is almost 7 kilograms, the blades rotating have a diameter of 32 cm, has a large collection basket 31 liters.

It can be adjusted to 3 cutting heights, respectively 20, 40 and 60 millimeters. The engine is innovative and very effective, perhaps a little noisy but allows perfect work from the first pass.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 85£ instead of 104.99£

Einhell BG-EM 1743

Einhell BG-EM 1743

The Einhell GC-Em 1743 HW electric lawn mower is an interesting article as it is excellent, it is the best-selling and does not cost a lot. Einhell is a very important German company leader in the do-it-yourself sector. Famous throughout the world, it produces accessories with an excellent price and exceptional performance.

This lawn mower is suitable for lawns up to 700 square meters. So for small but also medium sized lawns, with its 43 cm cutting width and its quite small size. It is not small, of course, but the maneuverability is at the top. It is very powerful with its 1700 Watts and at the same time it is also quiet enough to allow quiet work for both you and your neighbors.

It is also available in the less powerful 1400 Watt version. Mulching is not provided. It only allows cutting with rear discharge and collection through a convenient large 52-liter basket. It is possible to adjust the cutting height in 6 different positions, ranging from 20 millimeters up to 70 millimeters.

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Murray IQ18WM44

Murray IQ18WM44You will hardly remain impassive to the design of this professional battery lawn mower: aggressive, engaging. It is powered by two 18V 5Ah batteries. The autonomy allows you to work around 30 maybe 35 minutes. The model has a cutting width of 44 cm, however if you need something smaller, because your garden may have narrow spots, the model with a cutting width of 37 cm is also available. The cutting quality is very good. The wheels, on the other hand, are a source of doubt for us, also because there are more users who tell of problems: in particular, it has happened that they have come off. Finally, the unclear instructions should be noted.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 419£ instead of 439£

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