The 5 best exercise bikes

best exercise bike

Used both by professional cyclists and by those who want to maintain their physical shape, by those who have to recover from injuries and by the elderly with walking difficulties, the exercise bike has always been one of the most used tools for home fitness.

How to choose the best exercise bike


On the market there are many types of exercise bikes and bikes at different prices. The type factor is the most decisive when thinking of buying an exercise bike, since the type of equipment selected depends on the type of training you are going to do.

In fact, based on the structure of the bicycle, the type of seat that the user is forced to adopt and the type of pedaling that takes place, different muscle groups are involved which, therefore, involve movement and development of different areas of the body and with different intensities.

Here are all types of existing exercise bikes:

  • Upright exercise bike : this is the shape of the “traditional” exercise bike, the most widespread and affordable for everyone. It allows you to particularly stress the muscles of the lower limbs, carrying out aerobic workouts both to get back into shape or lose weight, and to do physical training or rehabilitation.
  • Folding exercise bike : the folding exercise bike is an upright exercise bike that offers the advantage of having a more compact and foldable structure, and is therefore ideal for training at home. The body of the tool will be lighter, but it will still be possible to carry out intense training sessions.
  • Horizontal bike : this bike is also called recumbent or recumbent. It offers a more comfortable posture in which the user is “lying down” and has the pedals in front of him. This exercise bike is particularly suitable for those looking for more comfort, for those with lower back problems and for those who also want to involve the lower abdominal part in training.
  • Spin-bike : this type of bike is also called “ indoor” and is in fact able to simulate the pedaling of a road bike at home or in the gym, also used by semi-professional and professional athletes and above all in many gyms to do “spinning”. This model is characterized by a very robust structure and is more suitable for those who want more intense training sessions.


In this paragraph we deal with the technical specifications of the exercise bike that affect the type and quality of training that can be achieved with it: for this reason it is important to carefully evaluate this factor before proceeding with the purchase. in order to have the tool that actually responds optimally to your athletic and physical needs.

The sports performance of an exercise bike can be judged on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Resistance levels : an important component of the exercise bike is composed of the brake or resistance, which is the part that is used to make exercise more or less difficult for the user. Resistors can have different levels. In general, the types of resistance most common on the market are the mechanical one (more noisy and typical of older and cheaper models), the magnetic and the electromagnetic one (these two able to provide a more fluid and silent movement to the internal mechanism of the bicycle).
  • Training programs : the more expensive and sophisticated exercise bikes have a series of preset programs to perform different types of training. In fact, you can select the desired exercise based on how many calories you want to burn, how much distance you want to travel or how long time you want train. In addition, the machine will suggest the most appropriate level of resistance to use and the speed to be adopted based on the user’s weight and the selected difficulty.
  • Performance information : depending on how specific the display a bike is equipped with, the user will be provided with a series of data relating to the training in progress. This information may include distance traveled, calories burned, time spent exercising, speed maintained and time left at the end of the exercise.
  • Heart rate detection : Many exercise bikes currently on the market are equipped with heart rate sensors. Most often these consist of small sensors placed on the bicycle handlebars, which detect the heart rate from the fingers and palms of the hands. Other models, on the other hand, include a heart band that is applied around the user’s chest and which is automatically read by the exercise bike, whose display will detect and show the pulsations per minute during the entire duration of the workout.

Structure and stability

The structure of an exercise bike and its stability are a fundamental factor to consider because these are synonymous with safety during use and sturdiness of the structure which can therefore support more users. heavy and will have a longer longevity. Let’s look in detail at the two elements that characterize the structure of an exercise bike and which determine its stability:

  • Weight : refers not only to the weight of the exercise bike but, consequently, also to the maximum weight of the user that the bike can support. The kg supported by the bicycle are an important data to check. This data must always be indicated in the technical data sheet of the exercise bike that you want to buy and therefore it is easy to verify. In general, however, an excessively light exercise bike is unlikely to be reliable in terms of stability.
  • Flywheel : the stability of exercise bikes is given by its most important component: the flywheel. Its purpose is to stabilize the speed with which the mechanical system of the bicycle rotates. The weight of the flywheel is to be considered synonymous with the quality and above all the strength of the exercise bike: the greater the weight of this piece, the more the tool will be reliable and stable on the ground.


As it is probably easy to imagine, the comfort factor weighs heavily in the choice of purchasing an exercise bike, as it is important to make sure that you have a tool that is easy to use from all points of view: an uncomfortable seat or pedal stroke can negatively affect athletic performance and also the enthusiasm to move.


It refers to the space needed to adequately accommodate your exercise bike and is therefore decisive in the purchase choice. The footprint affects not only the placement of the bicycle, but also its practical use. It should also be borne in mind that bulk is an ambivalent factor as if, on the one hand, it may appear advantageous to choose a product with a reduced tonnage, on the other hand these dimensions also involve sacrifices in terms of athletic performance and sturdiness of the structure.

What are the best exercise bike of 2022

Capital Sports Azura X2

Capital Sports Azura X2

Among the best folding exercise bikes for weight loss at home is the Capital Sports Azura X2, easy to assemble and not bulky, suitable for people under 100 kg who want to burn calories and improve fitness. To monitor training data, the trip computer provides information on time, calories, speed and distance traveled.

There is the possibility of positioning it in two positions, in order to have the distance between the saddle and the handlebar closer or less. The seat is quite comfortable, and the backrest offers some support even for those who prefer to use the exercise bike without resting their hands on the handlebars. Once the workout is finished, you can fold it in space-saving mode, and thanks to the small moving wheels at the base you can move it at will.

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Capital Sports durate X77

Capital Sports durate X77

The Capital Sports X77 durations exercise bike is an advanced home bicycle, recommended for those who want to use pre-set H.R.C.-type training programs. and T.H.R.: it has a total of nine, plus a random program and a personalized one. With the HRC type program the training setting is based on the heart rate (measured by the sensors on the handlebar), while with the THR program the achievement of the target heart rate. On Capital Sports you can set up 4 different user profiles.

The saddle height is adjustable, the pedals are non-slip, and the build quality is very good. During use it is also very quiet. The eight resistance levels are adjustable via the on-board computer. On the frame we also find a convenient bottle holder. To move the tool, simply fold the frame forward and use the transport wheels.

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SportPlus Foldable

SportPlus Foldable

With the S-Bike SP-HT-1003 we are instead faced with a ergonomic exercise bike well made, with pleasant lines, versatile and stable despite its 1.5 kg flywheel which represent a limit only for those who train too intense. It takes up little space and the pedaling is fluid and silent thanks to a magnetic braking system and the workouts are customizable through 8 resistance levels regulated by a knob placed under the console.

The on-board computer is small but complete, with the main parameters displayed: time, calories, speed, distance and heart rate. Safety and comfort are guaranteed by non-slip pedals with strap, ergonomic and adjustable seat with backrest and side handles. All these features, combined with lightness and compactness, make this Sportplus a home exercise bike ideal for physiotherapy or for seniors who want to be independent.

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Ultrasport F-Bike

Ultrasport F-Bike

The Ultrasport F-Bike 200BS Advanced is a manageable home bike thanks to the X-shaped tubular structure and its weight, which allows it to be used by a wide range of users without help to close or move it. The flywheel is light and therefore not suitable for high intensity training, despite the stability and fluidity of the pedaling, given by the particularly solid structure and a magnetic resistance, manually adjustable by means of a knob on 8 different levels.

The LCD display shows essential data : time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate, detectable thanks to Hand Pulse sensors on the handlebar. It is also equipped with elastic bands for performing exercises for the arms and legs, whose tension can be adjusted using a pin on the home bike. Being a very safe exercise bike, with non-slip pedals, adjustable seat and a comfortable backrest, it is ideal for all those who want to keep fit independently.

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Ativafit Foldable

Ativafit Foldable

The Ativafit Indoor Cycling Bike can be used both by those who want to keep fit, both by those who want to lose weight, and by the elderly and disabled. Its versatility is given by the fact that it easily transforms with a handle from an upright bike to a recline, complete with adjustable elastic bands to train the whole body at the same time. On the other hand, there is nothing new as regards the display: the main parameters, time, distance, calories, speed and heart rate with handheld detection, are displayed alternately on a small monitor.

The ergonomic seat and equipped with side handlebars and backrest, the non-slip pedals and with adjustable straps, the wheels to be able to move it and the quality of the materials give all the safety and comfort you need, even in the case of recovery from injuries or difficulties of walking.

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