The 10 best camping tents

Best camping tents

Choosing the best camping tent can turn out to be more complex than you think, because manufacturers are creating products that meet increasingly specific needs and it is not easy to find your way around so many proposals.

How to choose the camping tent

Many needs, many solutions: this is why it is important to read this guide that will help you choose your new camping tent.

Number of seats

The number of places is the first criterion that comes to mind when you want to buy a new camping tent. Our advice is to always buy a tent that has one more place than the number of occupants, to avoid annoying claustrophobic effects and objective difficulties in movement. An extra seat will also make it easier for you to store all your luggage.

This does not apply to those who travel alone and have to carry the tent on their backs. In this specific case, a small tent with a reduced footprint is preferable.


The shape of the tent is also important and depends on the type of travel experience you want to have.
For example, there are very easy to assemble structures that are suitable for beginners who are experiencing camping for the first time, but are also perfect for tourists who often move from one place to another.

There are also more complex and difficult to assemble tents, which on the other hand offer a much more comfortable and relaxing living space. These are more suitable for the permanent tourist who remains stationary in one place throughout their stay and who perhaps travels with the whole family.

The most common shape that a camping tent can present are the following:

  • Canadian: this is the classic form, with two or three central poles and a sloping roof;
  • Igloo or dome: this structure is supported by two crossed arches. Very light, compact and easy to assemble;
  • A small house: it has a living space divided from that of the bedrooms. This model is especially suitable for families with children. It is therefore ideal for long-term stays. Compared to other models it is a very expensive, bulky and difficult to assemble product;
  • Tunnel-shaped: the structure is made up of parallel arches and offers good habitability even during the day. Easier to assemble than the cottage model, it is very popular especially for family holidays.


Water resistance is a fundamental factor to consider, whatever the season in which you decide to leave. The waterproofing of the tent is measured in milliliters of water columns. As for the coverage, it is good to prefer structures that reach 2500 ml, while the bottom that remains in contact with the ground must be more waterproof, reaching at least 4000 ml.

Another precaution that you must have when choosing a camping tent is to check that the seams are taped. This feature makes the awning more resistant to water infiltrations, which could otherwise make space through the seams.


When you decide to buy a camping tent, you must also take into account the ventilation capacity. The entire structure is in fact made of synthetic materials and tends to be not breathable.

It is therefore a good idea to buy models that, in addition to the entrance, also have windows through which to circulate the air. The ideal would be that all openings (doors and windows) were equipped with mosquito nets, to let the air pass while at the same time preventing unwanted insects and animals from entering.

Seasons and temperatures

The 3-season tents are characterized by extreme lightness and are equipped with mesh elements that favor simple air circulation. They are therefore designed for the periods of the year when temperatures are milder, the end of spring, summer and the first weeks of autumn.

3-4 seasons tents, often referred to as 3+ tents, are very similar to 3-season tents, but can be used a little longer. In fact, they can also be chosen in early spring and late autumn, when temperatures begin to drop.

Finally, the 4-season tents, which are designed to be used even in the middle of winter. They are curtains that allow you to maintain a fairly high temperature inside, so as to shelter from the cold. They allow you to counteract the whipping wind and rain to the fullest. They also withstand heavy snow loads.

Weight and size

These factors are fundamental for those traveling with the tent on their shoulders, while they are negligible for those who decide to load it in the car. A distinction is certainly the choice between a single-canvas camping tent and a double-canvas tent.

The first will be lighter, with the same number of seats. The internal height of the structure should also have some relevance in your purchase evaluations. The higher it is, the more comfortable it will be to sleep and possibly eat inside, but this advantage will have negative repercussions on weight and bulk.

Many tents are sold already equipped with a practical bag or a carrying case. This is a fundamental detail, which makes transporting the tent very simple.

Comfort and practicality of use

An element that improves the experience in the tent concerns its blackout capacity: to avoid waking up at dawn due to too much light, it is indeed useful to choose a tent that guarantees the maximum possible darkness inside.

Best camping tents


Tende da campeggioDo you have to go on a solo adventure in the countryside? Are you two, but have little luggage with you? The Salewa Micra II camping tent in a beautiful cactus green / gray color is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

It is a tent with self-supporting structure, resistant and with wind protection, also rainproof. The upper part is in fact capable of withstanding a 3000 mm water column, while the bottom a 5000 mm column.

The large entrance can also be used as an additional ventilation opening. Air circulation is still optimal, thanks to the presence of two side openings which also allow to avoid the formation of condensation.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 156.99£ instead of 180£

SALEWA Litetrek II

SALEWA Litetrek II

The Salewa Litetrek II camping tent is 100% self-supporting, an ideal tent therefore for those who have to camp in areas where it may be difficult to use rods or pegs.

It is a semi-geodesic double fabric tent. The upper part of the tent is made of 50D ripstop nylon with silicone and PU coating, resistant to tears and a water column of 3000 mm. The floor is in 70D nylon with PU coatings, capable of withstanding a water column of 5000 mm. There is a mosquito net and adjustable ventilations.

Lightweight and compact, this is a 3 season tent that is ideal during the milder periods of the year.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 246.74£

Forceatt Camping Tent 2 and 4 Person Tent

Forceatt Camping Tent 2 and 4 Person Tent

Forceat’s camping tent measures 220x130x110cm internally and is designed to accommodate two people. It is very thin and light, easy to fold and carry. When closed, its dimensions are in fact 41 × 14 cm.

It is a curtain made of high quality polyester fiber 75D, with an aluminum rod. The floor is welded, so as to guarantee better protection and there are also four ropes for the wind, so as to make it stable even in adverse weather conditions.

There are two D-shaped doors, a mesh window on the upper part of the curtain and two air intakes on the ceiling, capable of guaranteeing comfort of use and also the maximum possible air circulation in the internal.

It is a tent that can be set up quickly and easily. In fact, it takes just 3 minutes to mount it and start camping.

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Ferrino Meteora Tent

Ferrino Meteora Tent

Meteora 3 is Ferrino’s camping tent with a very large front apse and an additional floor sewn along the entire perimeter in order to guarantee the maximum possible protection. The flysheet is thermal insulating, waterproof with a 2000 mm water column, water repellent. Withstands even the strongest winds without difficulty.

The tunnel is easy to assemble, as there are 3 fiberglass poles pre-connected in different colors. There are ventilation elements, doors with mosquito net, hook for the lamp. Also included in the package is a repair kit, as well as a practical bag for storing the tent and for transport.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 358.95£

Coleman Tent Coastline 3 Plus

Coleman Tent Coastline 3 Plus

Coleman’s compact tunnel camping tent for three people, model Coastline 3 Plus, is really high quality. It consists of a sleeping area and a living area, separated from each other. There are two ventilation openings, internal pockets, housing for cables.

It is waterproof, capable of easily supporting a 3000 mm water column. In addition, there are taped seams and the bottom sheet is sewn to the rest of the structure, so as to prevent even the smallest drop of water from penetrating.

It is a tent that is also very simple to assemble, with fiberglass poles that are resistant to the wind and at the same time very light.

The dimensions of the tent are 4.4 × 1.9 × 1.5m. The total volume is 8 m², of which 4.2 are intended for the sleeping area and 3.8 for the living area. The package includes tie rods, pegs and a practical carrying bag.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 145.86£ instead of 159.99£

Ferrino Shaba 3

Ferrino Shaba 3

The Ferrino Shaba 3 camping tent has a dome structure with a height of 180 cm, ideal for those who want to be able to stand up inside the tent. It is a three-season model with a large front apse with a spacious entrance.

There is an additional removable floor for the living area, tie rods, a hook for lamps, internal pockets. The package also includes the transport bag and the repair kit.

The flysheet is made of heat-insulating, waterproof polyester Diamond aluminized. It can support a 2,000 mm water column. The interior is made of water-repellent, breathable, heat-insulating Diamond polyester.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price of 275.19£

Coleman Tent Ridgeline 4 Plus

Coleman Tent Ridgeline 4 Plus

If you are looking for a camping tent for 6 people that is resistant, performing and equipped, we can only recommend this model from Camping GAZ.

This outdoor camping tent is made of 185T polyester with PU coating. It is waterproof, in fact capable of supporting a 3000 mm water column. It is also fireproof. It should be remembered that there are welded seams to ensure the maximum possible protection. The floor is sealed, liftable on the edges, waterproofed.

It is a dome tent with tunnel construction that has doors for ventilation, two entrances with integrated slots for the installation of cables and internal pockets.

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Ferrino Flow 4

Ferrino Flow 4

Tired of the usual poles? Then choose the Ferrino Flow camping tent, which in fact has an inflatable structure that allows simple and quick assembly, using the supplied air pump.

It is a tent with tunnel structure, with a mosquito net. It is made of 70d 75 g / m2 Diamond polyester and has a thermal insulating aluminised polyurethane coating. It is waterproof, capable of supporting a 2000 mm water column, and water repellent. The floor is also waterproof, made of polyethylene and completely welded.

There is a large front vestibule, mosquito nets, ventilation elements and internal pockets.

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Portal Gamma 5

Portal Gamma 5

The Portal Gamma 5 tunnel tent by Unbekannt is designed for 5 people and can withstand a water column of 4000 mm. There are also sealed seams, to prevent even the smallest drop of water from penetrating inside.

There is a large entrance, an awning, a side entrance, a large anteroom. It is high enough, to allow you to stand comfortably even inside the tent. The ventilation openings allow for good air circulation.

The structure is made of fiberglass, so that it is resistant, sturdy, long lasting. Despite its resistance, it is a light structure, therefore easy to transport.

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Ferrino Chanty 5

Ferrino Chanty 5

This Ferrino camping tent has a “ multi point ” tie rod system that allows it to be stable to the maximum degree possible even in the event of strong winds and on any type of terrain.

The additional floor is sewn around the entire perimeter. The roof is made of 75 gr / m2 Diamond 70D polyester with thermal insulating aluminized polyurethane coating, a roof that can withstand a water column of 1000 m. The interior is in water-repellent and breathable polyester while the floor is in 70D polyester, 80 gr / m2, and is capable of withstanding a water column of 2500 mm.

There are 3 entrances, mosquito nets, internal pockets for objects, hook for the lamp and a carrying case.

Buy it on Amazon at the best price

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