The 5 best backpacks travel

best backpacks travel

Choosing a good travel backpack is a fundamental choice. Today we will see the best travel backpacks on the market. Each with a characteristic suitable for every type of need.

How to choose the best backpacks travel

The material discourse is very important, in fact, aspects such as:

  • Weight of the backpack
  • Waterproof
  • Wear resistance
  • Load capacity

What should we focus on when choosing a travel backpack? Let’s see what you need to know to make the best choice.


Let’s see immediately the main materials used, with pros and cons of each.

  • Nylon: After the era of cotton, nylon has become the most used material for backpacks. Nylon is actually an entire family of synthetic fabrics. While nylon has much better waterproof traits than cotton, it has a tendency to tear when punctured.
  • Polyester: aside from nylon, polyester is probably the most used fabric in the post-cotton era. Also known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate, a derivative thereof), polyester is cheap and retains its colors well. This makes it a great fabric for school backpacks, especially backpacks intended for younger children.
  • Polypropylene: is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of adjacent propylene monomers. Polypropylene does not absorb water and dries quickly; it is more hydrophobic than polyester. It is a good insulator as it does not transfer heat effectively. As such, it has also been used in backpacks. Unfortunately, PP is less resistant to UV rays than other fabrics, so in the event of repeated or prolonged exposure to the sun, PP will begin to degrade and the color will fade, which is why it is not used much in high-end backpacks.


A backpack must primarily be able to effectively distribute weight along the spine, limiting the weight in specific points, using the same principle as a cervical pillow. In conclusion, the backpack must be an extension of ourselves to comfortably carry the right number of tools.


Your backpack will be one of the four heaviest pieces of equipment you will have with you on your trip, so it is very important that the weight is not excessive. The options we recommend always have a good balance of weight, comfort and durability.


The lighter the overall weight of the backpack, the lower the maximum weight it will be able to hold. A backpack without a structure is much heavier for the back than one that has a structure able to distribute the load over the entire spine.


The volume of the backpack is of course a fundamental aspect depending on the trip we want to make. For those who need a light backpack for a hike or a short trip, 20-30 liters of volume can also be fine. If, on the other hand, we plan to use the backpack for winter excursions, it is important to have a large volume, because we will need more equipment. Usually in these cases a minimum 55 liters backpack volume is recommended.


The fit is one of the most important factors for a backpack, but it is also one of the most difficult characteristics to verify, because it must be tested after a long walk and evaluating the pain of the back. In any case, the rigid structure, in our opinion, is a fundamental requirement.

What are the best backpacks travel of 2022

Osprey Farpoint 55

Osprey Farpoint 55

The Osprey Farpoint is now a reference point for any traveler anywhere in the world. Osprey, a US Californian company, has also become famous thanks to this excellent travel backpack, capable of being nicknamed as “ the King of backpacks ”. The fundamental aspects: it is modular (in the same backpack we can have two backpacks. Main of 42 liters + little one of 13 liters), the shoulder straps and the harness are retractable, The main material of the backpack is Nylon 210D Ripstop, waterproof and between the most resistant materials ever.

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The North Face Jester

the north face jester

The North Face Jester backpack has been at the top of the preferences of so many people for too long to be a single fashion. And in fact the aspects that make it unique are many. The ballistic nylon makes it really resistant and able to remain as new even after prolonged mistreatment.

It is a travel backpack divided into two main parts, the first padded and lined that allows you to make a 15.6 ”(maximum) PC feel comfortable, with the bottom also slightly padded. The second perfect for books, clothes or any particularly bulky accessory. The internal and external pockets make it able to really contain everything.

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Seibertron Falcon

Seibertron Falcon

The Seibertron Falcon is objectively a gem among the tactical backpacks for value for money. You can choose between two main sizes, 27 or 37 liters. In addition, the latter option allows for the further addition of two 1-liter side bags, which can be attached to the sides of the main backpack. The material of which it is made is Polyester 900D, which is a reinforced polyester. The result is a very resistant backpack both to heavy loads and to wear.

Convenience is unquestionable. It is possible to adjust chest straps, shoulder straps, abdominal belt in order to be comfortable for any user or user. The backrest is in reinforced and breathable padding and distributes the weight of the backpack in an excellent way over the entire back.

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Cabin Max

Cabin Max

The Cabin Max is a travel backpack that over the years has met with enormous success thanks to its excellent flexibility and the minimum price at which it is offered. It acts as a budget backpack, so let’s not expect the latest materials. However it will hold up well if treated with a little care. There are padding for the back and shoulder straps, but the Nylon is very thin and at the same time unable to repel water.

In the same way, the backpack is very light, despite being in possession of many pockets for the most diverse uses. Being soft, and not rigid in structure, the measurements can slightly adapt to any type of request for different airlines such as hand luggage.

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Salomon Trailblazer

Salomon Trailblazer

For those looking for a backpack to use for short trips and aim for the greatest possible savings. Salomon offers a trekking backpack that all in all, for the price at which it is proposed, is a good deal. Strength is good, the material is Nylon. It is not waterproof, however Nylon manages to resist water fairly well and therefore can resist well for a few minutes in the rain. The backrest and shoulder straps are not rigid, but with dignity padded and comfortable. The strength is also the weakness.

The lightness is due to the fact that the backpack has a padded but not reinforced structure. Therefore we do not recommend it for trips or excursions longer than 5 hours. In fact, with the non-reinforced backrest the weight is not distributed properly along the entire spine, and it is uncomfortable for too long journeys. It is an inexpensive travel backpack, useful for those looking for something very light.

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